What is Mobile Strike Game

An Introduction to Mobile Strike

There is a good chance that when you play mobile related games that you already played such games as Mobile Strike.

This is a great strategic type game. At the beginning of the game, you have a military base. Then it gives you a lot of quests. After you finish them, it gives you gold and coins which give you the opportunity to have the best military base in the game.

It isn’t easy to get gold, so if you don’t have enough of them, you can use the best mobile strike hack.

You can say that the game is not a really ‘Strike’ game. It could remind you some kind of a table window ‘game’ or an MS Excel. 😀

All of your actions are not so entertaining as you would think. All the things you gain are not so fun to use and you need a lot of gold to have a good things.

The game is a freemium alike. It is important to say that Mobile Strike is the worst of all in this way. It is really hard to gain more Gold and also the user interface is not so user-friendly.

Arnold Schwarzenegger in Mobile Strike?

This game was created by Epic War studios. This game is like a busywork simulator. It could look like the game what is advertised on Google Play store isn’t the same as you are playing…

Arnold in Mobile Strike

The game was featured by Arnold Schwarzenegger in its ads.

This ad had to be so expensive… and the company is getting money from you buying those Gold. But with our hack you don’t have to do that anymore! 🙂
“The best defense is Defense.”
Mobile Strike is known for its ad with Arnold. One AD with him was featured on Super Bowl 50 and other on LI.

The game had also a controversial ad with girls in bikini. The britain local authority banned this ad in Britan.

How popular is it

So how much is this game popular? Since of 2016 the game has been trending on US Apple app store.  The game is often criticised for its microtransactions.