Fastest method to get power

Welcome back. Today I’m going to show you guys the fastest method to gain a lot of power. So let’s go ahead and let’s get straight to the tips. Once you play mobile strike, all you need to do is check out the mobile strike hack.

Which tiers to upgrade

So with that said, let’s go and talk about the first requirement. Of course this method is through training tier 3 . Now you guys may ask why not tier 4, 3 or 2 or tier 1. But the reason will be training here tier 3 because they is the most efficient way to gain power in terms of speed ups use and also resources use.

Now clearly if you guys just want to be full tier 4, you guys will be losing out on how much power you guys can get. Also if you want to tier 1 through 2, the same thing so what you guys will need to do to is you guys will need to optimize your city layout. So with that said this will vary from whatever headquarters level you are at but I’ll let you know optimal in terms of headquarters level 21. So we’re almost there. My are at level 20 at the moment, so what you actually do is aim for mostly all banks. Now why would you do banks, well one simple reason is because they give you training speed. So as you can see higher level, more training speed and we all want training speed to train more troops and less amount of time. Also when we do 3 to 5 reason why is because that is basically how much you will need at level 21.


You basically train about a whole batch of tier 4 troops right under 7 days. Our peers are doing 33 right now. We can do 5,000 in under 24 hours which is good because you guys are optimizing on how much speed ups you will use.

base upgrade mobile strike

You don’t really want to train only thousand troops and you’re spending over three days when you can do it in under an hour. With that said this is what the layout we have right now. Since we’re not level 21 yet we can’t really destroy the hospital and also other stuff that you guys will not need like the gymnast.

The building that is the equivalent to a gymnast. Let’s find it you also don’t need your warehouse low 21 again. If you want to, lets find it where it is. I think this one has to be this one notice. The embassy brain part. Hall of Heroes, there we go. So you guys will not need at level 21 when you have your hero. Your commander at level 50. With that said, you also want to make sure your commander’s skills will be set to training speed. Then with that you’re good to go. You can see here but yeah one more level 21. You will want to remove buildings that you guys will not be using so you can place in more villas or maybe a couple more barracks. If you guys need it and then that’s basically it is used as train theory.


Now there are a couple ways to do to it. Basically gain more resources and also speed up to without spending and that is through making farms. You can see we’re hyper farming right now. On this account we can make a lot of stone and then you can make other accounts. Then you guys can trade those resources for speed ups like other players.